Customer Testimonials

  • We live by Brightwood, Oregon, on the Sandy River.  On Saturday, January 11, 2014, at 5:00 am, we had a microburst swoop through the Sandy River gorge, which uprooted a large pine tree in our yard and broke the top of a large cedar tree that landed on the roof of our house.  We waited until 6:00 am and called Simon, thinking we would leave a message on a machine.  He called us back at 6:11 am, was at our house to inspect the damage by 6:30, in the dark, wind and pouring rain and when none of us had power.  He called us back at 9:00 am to tell us he had been able to hire a crane, was at our house by 10:30 am, had the tree removed from the roof of our house and cut up, the uprooted tree cut up, the apple tree hit by the uprooted tree cut up, and all the debris chipped up and cleaned up, by 12:30 that day. Simon was a beacon of light – we could not have asked for better customer service!  Thanks again, Simon!

Pam Hertzberg and Bob Bruere

  • “Thank you all so much for the work that was done. Simon is amazing at what he does! The property looks so much better and I cant believe how much sun is coming thru now! Quick, efficient and honest! Cant ask for much more than that! I will 100% recommend Simons Tree Service to anyone and everyone! Tamra 🙂

Tamra Phelps

  • As you all know,  November, 2015 was a time to remember. News reached me while traveling in Australia that my cabin on Road 20 had been damaged by a huge tree that tore a hole in the roof and took out the deck as well.  When I saw a picture, I didn’t recognize my cabin!  I contacted Simon from Perth, Australia and he not only moved in equipment to remove the tree, he had to cut his way through a lot of downed trees leading up to the cabin.  His response was swift and timely.  He also put tarp over the damaged roof and then coordinated with the roofer to add more tarps to the roof.  I am forever grateful for Simon’s lightning quick response, his expertise and his competence.  Can’t say enough positive things about Simon and Rachel.  They are just the best.
Dianne Wyers
Forest Service Rd 20